Cost Effectiveness:

Why not hire someone?

Most clients that come to us, often do so because their task is anywhere from an hour a month to a couple of hours a week.  Hiring someone would cost more than to hire us, it’s just not enough work.  They come to us to get the task off their plate, so they can have more time and focus more clearly in their business goals and sales.

Why not use my receptionist?

We have some who have come to us, after giving the task to their receptionist, only to realize their receptionist may be great at invoicing clients and perhaps even paying bills, but when it comes to reconciling accounts and making sure the balance sheet is where it needs to be, the receptionist is lost and doesn’t understand accounting.  Accounting is taught as a four-year college degree and there is a reason for that.  While there is simplicity in some of the transactions, there is a great complexity in accounting in a business.  In the end they spend more resources trying to untangle the mess the untrained staff made.  In some cases, our clients can use a balance of staff for some transactions and use us for the remaining monthly tasks, providing a cost savings.

Why not use my own tax accountant?

Simply said, not everything is in everyone’s wheelhouse.  Tax accountants are great at taxes.  We are great at bookkeeping.  It all depends on the tax accountant, so do your homework.  First, tax accountants are more expensive and depending on how they are staffed, they may charge you significantly more for bookkeeping than we do.  Because our focus is strictly on bookkeeping we do it efficiently and our rate is less.  Second, make sure the accountant will take time to reconcile your books properly and ask questions.  We’ve seen tax accountants make journal entries to balance the bank account, resulting in double booking income, a costly tax mistake to clients.  Lastly, make sure it’s something they like to do.  For many it’s just an off-season chore and during busy season, they make quick fixes because they don’t have the time.  Those quick fixes often lead to big mistakes we’ve untangled.  For us it’s our focus, we love it and we won’t get weighted down with tax returns.

Decades of Experience:

We are more than bookkeepers and we aren’t new to accounting.  You are hiring someone who understands the depths of accounting and the implications transactions have on taxes.  We understand consistency is important when transactions are booked.  We know tips and tricks to make sure you are re-billing your clients for proper expenses and we know workarounds where QuickBooks fails.  For over two decades accounting and bookkeeping has been our bread and butter.  We enjoy what we do and that’s what makes us good at it.  The world of accounting and taxes is constantly changing and we stay ahead of those changes.  We know those important details so you don’t have to.  We’ve got your back.


Authentic People:

We constantly hear from people, “You are so authentic.”  It’s one of our truer compliments.  As trusted business advisors we will give it to you straight, even if the answer is something you don’t want to hear. Our morals are in our core being, we are genuine people who don’t carry facades and we believe in doing what’s right and giving each of our clients a personal approach.


Surpass Your Expectations:

Just like your business is important to you, our client is important to us.  You make sure your customer is happy and the job you do is perfect, we make sure your books are clean and the job exceeds your expectations.  As a result, our management takes personal responsibility to ensure deadlines are met and promises are delivered.


Depth of Many Minds:

Experienced CPAs have built strong networks with other licensed professionals through the decades.  This knowledge base is heavily relied upon for advice and confirmation that one’s direction is correct when something is unusually outside their primary strength.  Over the years this priceless network has worked seamlessly in both directions that most non-accountants don’t realize it exists.  We work in collaboration to provide all the resources and roll-up-the-sleeves assistance you need to achieve your success.


Overcome Small Business Challenges:

Having worked in and with small business in our careers, no less being one ourselves, we have detailed functional knowledge of resolutions to challenges small businesses experience.  In that we have many tips and tools for our small business clients giving them a competitive advantage.


We Have Been in the Trenches:

As a CPA we have experience in both financial and operational standpoints of small businesses.  We know what makes them tick and can offer practical recommendations that can give you a leading edge in identifying strategic opportunities.